1. History overview

Baidoa University is an accredited private, non-profit higher education institution, serving for socio-economic development in Somalia especially in South West State Regions.

In 2001, The first idea for the establishment of Baidoa University came out as an initiative proposed by a famous educational activist, a member of the First Non-Transitional Somali federal parliament Hon. Prof. Aweis Abdullahi Ibrahim and then the idea supported by . Prof. Sharif Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein  who had dedicated his life in  serving for the development of formal and Non-formal Education in Somalia particularly in Southwest State region, then the idea was handled in a good hands of the community, discussed with other key intellectuals, activists in the field of education, people with different backgrounds of civil society organizations in and out of the state, such as community figures, researchers, traditional leaders, politicians, religious leaders, woman and youth organizations.

Finally, on 10th October, 2005, Baidoa University was officially inaugurated as the first higher learning institution in Baidoa.

The opening ceremony was attended by government officials, traditional elders and civil society organizations and the classes admitted in 15th October, 2005.



Provision of an accredited higher quality University Education services that response to local market needs of human resources.



BU Massage is Provision of University Educational Services based on tailored programs, responses local market needs to raise Youth employment rates and develop socio-economic activities which will be based      on oriented researches.

Combination of Theory and practice, rooting ideal and values, perfect ethics and good behaviors this is done through cooperation with well-established scientific institutions at home and abroad, and benefit from    the experiences of the past and the experiences of institutional memory.